Modular glasses that suit your style

Ezii Glasses strives to use the latest in innovative technologies to provide premium glasses solutions for young professionals. These customizable solutions allow for complete personalization of your eyewear.

The Science

Studies show that your eyes are one of the most important facial feature when socializing.
What do your glasses say?

Gold-Plated Magnetspexels-photo-55781

Using gold-plated N50 grade rare Earth metal magnets for our mechanism secures a premium grade quality design that won’t wear out.


wireform.jpegWireform Controlled Lenses

Having a single pair of lenses located with a series of wireforms makes selecting styles easy, and puts even more personalization in your hands.

Engineered Strengthrendering

Using careful metallurgical and material analysis in our design leads to only the most innovative frame designs that will work for any function.


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